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TCT App+

TCT App+ gives you up to the minute information on what's pouring and what's going on at The Community Tap in Greenville, SC and has several awesome bonus features over the regular TCT App.

Bonus features:

*No Ads!
*Nearly unlimited capacity to add items to your cellar!
*Best of All....In this version, the name of the item that was just tapped will be included in the notification that is pushed to your homescreen!

With TCT App+, you get:

* A list of the Beers on the Growler Station that are currently pouring.
* A list of the Wines on the Growler Station that are currently pouring.
* A list of all Beers and Wines that have been offered in the past.
* My Cellar (see below for more details).
* A list of upcoming events at The Community Tap.
* The ability to easily add these events and their details to your iOS device's calendar.
* Information from Beer Advocate and Rate Beer to help you decide before you buy.
* Store hours, location, and contact information.

My Cellar:

Add your favorite Beers and Wines to your Cellar from the vast list of offerings and be notified immediately the next time they are Tapped!** Never miss a chance to get a growler filled with your favorite libations again!

To report bugs or other problems with this application, contact:

Questions regarding beer, wine, or event information should be directed to The Community Tap.

**Be sure to enable Push Notifications for TCT App in order to take advantage of this functionality.

**An internet connection is required to use this application (3G or WIFI).

Website Portfolio

Ian Curcio

Ian Curcio is a very talented editorial and commerical photographer based out of the Upstate of South Carolina.

Ian came to us with a very specific vision for his new site. He'd sketched out the entire design and knew exactly what he wanted...right down to the fluid portfolio cut up. He's meticulous like that and it shows in his work. We like how the site turned out; how about you?

Website Portfolio


Stephen Stickel builds custom mountain bikes by hand and needed an edgy web presence to expand his client base and show off his work.

So, we set out with graphic artist Brad Allen to put together a site that really focuses on the beauty of his bikes, while touting their strengths and telling Stephen's story. The Facebook feed in the footer allows him to more easily reach the masses and integrating his existing Flick'r photo gallery meant no extra work for Stephen or learning new tools.

Website Portfolio

Greenbrier Farms

Greenbrier Farms is a small organic farm that not only grows delicious veggies and produces a wide variety of tasty proteins, but is also an incredible event venue.

For that reason, we wanted to focus on the natural beauty of the farm and make people feel connected to the space even before they visited. The terrific photography and artwork was done by Jack DelGado; a Creative Director we really enjoyed working with who designed all of Greenbrier Farms branding concepts and imagery. The website is also heavily functional for GBF; it's built on the Drupal CMS and allows them to easily manage and communicate their current harvest, event calendar and event announcements, and send CSA updates.

Website Portfolio


GlobalBike is an incredible non-profit organization that distributes bicycles to care workers in developing countries, thus enabling them to make a much bigger impact then they could dream of doing without that bicycle. GlobalBike's mission resonated strongly with us, so we adopted them as our pro-bono donor site* for 2010. The main function of GB's site is to increase their visibility and attract donations; but they also needed a back-end to assist them in managing online content as well as their mailing lists and donor database. We partnered with Brad Allen to do the design and turned to Drupal and built in-house database management tools and reports to meet their needs. GlobalBike couldn't be happier with their new site and we couldn't be happier to help out such a noble organization.

*We donate one website to a non-profit organization of our choosing each calendar year.

Website Portfolio

The Community Tap

The Community Tap is a neighborhood shop whose focus is on quality, not quantity; their tagline is "Craft Beer. Select Wine."

TCT is a different kind of beer & wine store and they needed a different kind of website. We worked with another talented graphic designer, Catherine St. James, on this project to create a site with the look, feel, and functionality that TCT desired. The online medium is a crucial component to TCT's business model and they take advantage of the ease with which the Drupal CMS platform allows them to keep content updated and their clientele informed of the latest news, events, and of course...What's on Tap.

Website Portfolio

Measurable Quality

Measurable Quality Furniture

Brandon Duffner is the owner of Measurable Quality Furniture and he came to us looking to create a web presence to feature his furniture, his works of art.

So, we kept it simple and let the furniture speak for itself. We made a rotating block of high quality photographs the focal point of the site to take advantage of every opportunity to show off Brandon's astonishing work. A photo gallery and contact form round out the requested functionalities and provide a slick, yet simple, virtual home for Brandon's business.

*~Site is currently offline~*


Feral Minds is not your run-of-the-mill IT outfit. We don't believe in the one size fits all ideology and we want to show you what a quality, custom technology solution can do for your business.

We have a combined 30 years of experience in the IT and Business worlds and our backgrounds and capabilities extend far beyond the web. Let us brainstorm with you and find novel approaches to using current technologies to increase your business' visibility, improve efficiency, and boost sales.

The web IS communication. That's what this is all about; effectively communicating with your existing clients and customers while also getting your message to as many potential new ones as possible. We appreciate that. We work that way. And we know how to make your business work that way too.

Please peruse our list of services below and if you want to talk further...drop us a line using the email link to the left.

Thanks for visiting,
Feral Minds


  • Reliable & Affordable Web-hosting Solutions & Domain Registration/Management:

    Make things easy on you and allow us to be your one stop shop for website hosting and domain management services. Our rates may surprise you!

  • Mobile Application Development:

    Got an app idea but don't know what to do with it? Talk to us.

  • IT Consulting:

    We've got the background and experience to do far more than just build you a website. We want to improve your business and we want to do it by using the latest technologies. So, if you don't have an IT expert on staff, we'll be your man.